Benefits of Chartered Surveyors for Extension Project

Expansion at your factory site is necessary and fortunately, you have potential to expand. Extension is an expensive investment and cause considerable disruption, when the work is carried out, but with careful planning and execution you can get it done perfectly.

West London chartered surveyors expertise can substantially reduce or even get rid of the risks from the maintenance or construction projects. It is real a comfort to know that project is handled professionally and overall you could finish off paying less for a better project overall.

Chartered surveyor services – overview

• Listen to your needs, understand your business goal, identify how the new expansion project would cooperate with the on-going production and solution to minimise any disruptions
• Manage design process in co-ordination with designers to ensure that the resulting design suits your business needs
• Give advice of obtaining statutory approvals & compliance including CDM regulations
• Attain competitive tenders from contractors, weigh up and recommend
• Make certain that the reliable contractor signs an industry certified contract
• Manage the financial aspects of on-site works
• Monitor the progress & work quality till completion
• Chair formal site meetings regularly and manage flow of information
• Final inspection

A percentage of contract amounts are held back for some months. After the period expires, say 4 months, the West London chartered surveyors professional team inspects and record minor defects like plaster cracks and arrange for the contractor to address these matter. Once these defects are addressed satisfactorily, the final payment is made.